My Lightgun Collection! (and a Top 5)

I wanted to do this for months but couldn’t find the right way to do it. All done now though 🙂 I love my lightguns!


Busy Busy. I’ll Pop Back Occasionally Though.

Hey guys, I just wanted to post here to let you know what the crack is.

The site isn’t going anywhere as I still get a decent amount of traffic from people looking to make their own Nintendo box replacements. I still reply to every comment posted on the matter. I hit a wall a good while back which is why not a lot of progress has been made.
The reasons for this is that I found it hard to source high enough quality images for the original box art and I’d rather have retail-looking boxes than custom ones. I’ve also made space for a gaming PC, so a lot of my retro games had to go into storage. I put away the ones I couldn’t see myself playing any time soon so I don’t need to make boxes for them since they’re not on show. I’ve still got a list of them, so I could still make the boxes at least.

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Wii U First Impressions

I wanna try get back into this blogging malarky and what better way to come back than with a little look at my new toy; a Wii U!

I found this online just over a week ago for £250. That’s a good price as it is but what’s even better is that it’s the, now hard to find, ZombiU Premium Edition. Brand new too, so that’s always a bonus.
I had been looking about town a few weeks beforehand, trying to find the best place on the high street to just pop in on payday and pick one up.
I’m not one for in-store deals where you get to choose a free game….as long as it’s one of 2-4 games that they’ve specified. So I tried looking for just the console only and Grainger Games came in 1st place at £279 for the 32gb bundle (and a cracking £149 for the 8gb bundle if anyone’s wondering) and then there was HMV at £299. GAME weren’t too far behind at £319 (or something) with a choice of 1 of 4 games. You’d save a bit of money, but it just wasn’t for me.

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REVIEW: Yakuza: Dead Souls (PlayStation 3)

deadsouls-yakuzaA few friends have been telling me for almost a year now to try out Yakuza: Dead Souls, saying it’s something I’d really enjoy. I tend to twist my face at games I’ve never heard much about or when I’ve never played any of the other games in the series but I’m glad I picked this game up. It only cost me a fiver in HMV anyway, so it’s already off to a good start.

The story wasn’t particularly hard to follow, I was just unsure whether or not I was jumping backwards in the time line at points or not as it felt like I was meeting characters later on in the game in situations that I had played as them previously. Nothing too major, but it threw me off a little bit.

All I really knew about the Yakuza games is that the team developing them have some kind of connection with the Shenmue team for the Sega Dreamcast. It does have a Shenmue-like feel to some of the gameplay but maybe it’s down to it also being set in Japan.

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PICKUPS: September 2012

September 2012 Pickups

This month was totally pitiful, haha. It wasn’t even that I had a shortage of money either. I just figured there wouldn’t have been much point in buying games for the sake of collecting when I don’t have enough time to play them all. So this month I bought a whopping 3 games.

Lord of Arcana: Slayer Edition (PSP) – £5
Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS3) – £10
Virtua Fighter (Saturn) – £3

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