My Video Game Collection

These are some pics of my collection from the past few years. It’s grown a fair bit but in first lot of pics, I didn’t quite have EVERYTHING out.


Bookcase #1

Bookcase #1 Top of Bookcase #1 PS3 games PSP corner
PS2 games pt 1 PS2 games pt 2 PSone games pt 1 PSone games pt 2
PSone games pt 3 PSone games pt 4 Wii and Gamecube Games N64 Games
SNES games + Nintendo Handhelds Nintendo Controller box 3DS, DS and Game Boy pt 1 Game Boy pt 2

Bookcase #2

2nd Bookcase Top of 2nd Bookcase Dreamcast pt 1 + Swag Rest of Dreamcast, Sega Saturn + Mega CD
Mega Drive pt 1 Mega Drive pt 2 Mega Drive pt 3 Mega Drive pt 4
Master System Game Gear + Xbox Final Fantasy Shelf pt 1 Final Fantasy Shelf pt 2
PC Games + Controller bags Game related books

Retro Console Shelf & Figure Shelf

1st half of Console Shelf 2nd half of Console Shelf Figure Shelf


Full Unit Top of Unit (full) Top Of Unit pt 1 Top Of Unit pt 2
1st Shelf pt 1 1st Shelf pt 2 FF Shelf pt 1 FF Shelf pt 2
Mega Drive games pt 1 Mega Drive games pt 2 Remainder of my Mega Drive games Master System Games
Wii, Gamecube & Game Boy games Other half of Nintendo Shelf My Game Guides PlayStation 2 Games

Found these too, thought I’d throw em in ’til I take updated pics of my Unit

PSone Games Last few PS1 games


Top 2 shelves Final Fantasy & Nintendo Games
PS3 & Blu-Rays My Master System Games My PS2 Games
FF Shelf Pt 1 FF Shelf Pt 2 Nintendo Shelf Pt 1 Nintendo Shelf pt.2

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