Wii U First Impressions

I wanna try get back into this blogging malarky and what better way to come back than with a little look at my new toy; a Wii U!

I found this online just over a week ago for £250. That’s a good price as it is but what’s even better is that it’s the, now hard to find, ZombiU Premium Edition. Brand new too, so that’s always a bonus.
I had been looking about town a few weeks beforehand, trying to find the best place on the high street to just pop in on payday and pick one up.
I’m not one for in-store deals where you get to choose a free game….as long as it’s one of 2-4 games that they’ve specified. So I tried looking for just the console only and Grainger Games came in 1st place at £279 for the 32gb bundle (and a cracking £149 for the 8gb bundle if anyone’s wondering) and then there was HMV at £299. GAME weren’t too far behind at £319 (or something) with a choice of 1 of 4 games. You’d save a bit of money, but it just wasn’t for me.

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REVIEW: Yakuza: Dead Souls (PlayStation 3)

deadsouls-yakuzaA few friends have been telling me for almost a year now to try out Yakuza: Dead Souls, saying it’s something I’d really enjoy. I tend to twist my face at games I’ve never heard much about or when I’ve never played any of the other games in the series but I’m glad I picked this game up. It only cost me a fiver in HMV anyway, so it’s already off to a good start.

The story wasn’t particularly hard to follow, I was just unsure whether or not I was jumping backwards in the time line at points or not as it felt like I was meeting characters later on in the game in situations that I had played as them previously. Nothing too major, but it threw me off a little bit.

All I really knew about the Yakuza games is that the team developing them have some kind of connection with the Shenmue team for the Sega Dreamcast. It does have a Shenmue-like feel to some of the gameplay but maybe it’s down to it also being set in Japan.

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NERG: A Blast From The Past

This past weekend (29-30 June 2013) was an absolute blast!
A new retro gaming event took place at Gateshead Stadium under the name of North East Retro Gaming, or NERG for short.

It’s a shame that arcades are dying out but this is the purpose of the event, to bring back the classic 80s/90s arcade for the weekend. For me, the greatest thing about the event wasn’t necessarily the sheer amount of selection of Consoles, Arcade and Pinball machines; it was the ambience. It just sounded like an Old Skool arcade with the sounds of the mass of video game machines blaring in the background, unable to distinguish any one machine amongst the sounds of the hundreds of people that were most likely, like me, in a relapse with memories of their favourite arcades from back in the day.
For me it was a mixture of Spanish City and Metroland, 2 amazing amusements that are now, sadly, long gone.

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REVIEW – Zombie Revenge (Dreamcast)

I haven’t posted a review here in AGESSSS and just got an urge to write something.
I haven’t played this game all that much but I was pretty impressed with it and thought I could share my first impressions with the game.

Zombie Revenge is a spin-off from the ‘The House of the Dead’ series but it’s gameplay is totally different. When playing it for the first time, I was trying to compare it to other games but the closest thing I could think of was Fighting Force with Zombies.
It’s an arcade-style beat-em-up which works really well. It’s a little like Resident Evil in some ways too; same kind of slightly-top-down camera angle, similar controls and similar character movement.

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REVIEW – Uncharted 3 (PS3)

I’ve never really thought much about the Uncharted series. Didn’t look like something I’d thoroughly enjoy. I’m starting to think I’ve missed out.

I got the latest title as a birthday present last week and gave it a shot yesterday. I played it for 8 hours straight…haha.

I think it probably has the best story of all the games I’ve played in a while. I’ve never felt myself get sucked in as much for a long time.
It felt like I was playing a slightly more violent National Treasure movie (which I also enjoyed). It’s a pretty cinematic game which focuses a lot on the story telling in the beginning of the game, rather than give you action all the way through. It’s a nice contrast which not a whole lot of games could pull off.

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