Busy Busy. I’ll Pop Back Occasionally Though.

Hey guys, I just wanted to post here to let you know what the crack is.

The site isn’t going anywhere as I still get a decent amount of traffic from people looking to make their own Nintendo box replacements. I still reply to every comment posted on the matter. I hit a wall a good while back which is why not a lot of progress has been made.
The reasons for this is that I found it hard to source high enough quality images for the original box art and I’d rather have retail-looking boxes than custom ones. I’ve also made space for a gaming PC, so a lot of my retro games had to go into storage. I put away the ones I couldn’t see myself playing any time soon so I don’t need to make boxes for them since they’re not on show. I’ve still got a list of them, so I could still make the boxes at least.

I’ve had a couple of comments recently about the boxes (even on youtube) so I’ve decided to make things a little easier for everyone to see here on the site. Nintendo Boxes now has it’s own spot on the menu and I’ve edited the main post with some extra links and info.
I don’t really have much free time to do requests but if I can do it, anyone can. Doing this can be fairly easy and fun once you get into it. Takes me about 2 hours to do a box and be happy with the results. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Just in case you wanted to know how much work you’d have to put into this.

I’ve labelled the SNES template file within Box.com a bit better so you should be able to spot that easily. Just open it up in Photoshop and you’ll be able to see all the layers and how I’ve done things. I’ve still got all my files, so I could whip up a template file for Game Boy, NES and maybe even N64 once I check that out and make sure it looks right (it’s been a while).
I’ve got the insert files too, so feel free to ask for templates if you need em. I’ll try get round to uploading them over the next few days anyway.

– metallimaniac


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