I’ve never really been a huge fan of Microsoft. The most fun I got out of Microsoft was Windows 98/XP. I got a PC in the late 90s along with a bunch of games that I already had, or wanted, on the PlayStation.
Then as the early 2000s came, one of my friends and I got into editing sound files and installing mods in games like The Sims and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

On the console side of things, I was a bit of a Sony fanboy when the PS2 and Xbox were out. Never really knew anyone with an Xbox, but I’d turn my nose whenever they were mentioned.
I own an Xbox now, and if I knew back then the things you could do with it, I’d have bought one years ago. Saying that, I’m sure the stuff available now for it is miles better than what was available 10 year ago.
It’s a great machine to use as a media centre and even plays all the old retro games through emulation.

I don’t have a 360 yet though. I’ve got a PS3 and there’s not all that many 360 exclusives that tickle my fancy.


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