Wii U First Impressions

I wanna try get back into this blogging malarky and what better way to come back than with a little look at my new toy; a Wii U!

I found this online just over a week ago for £250. That’s a good price as it is but what’s even better is that it’s the, now hard to find, ZombiU Premium Edition. Brand new too, so that’s always a bonus.
I had been looking about town a few weeks beforehand, trying to find the best place on the high street to just pop in on payday and pick one up.
I’m not one for in-store deals where you get to choose a free game….as long as it’s one of 2-4 games that they’ve specified. So I tried looking for just the console only and Grainger Games came in 1st place at £279 for the 32gb bundle (and a cracking £149 for the 8gb bundle if anyone’s wondering) and then there was HMV at £299. GAME weren’t too far behind at £319 (or something) with a choice of 1 of 4 games. You’d save a bit of money, but it just wasn’t for me.

Like I say though, I found mine for £250 and I’d really love Nintendo to do another price drop so that more people can get on board. I’m sure a lot of people out there want to wait a bit for the PS4/Xbox One consoles and titles to settle in so a Wii U price drop of about £30-£50 could do wonders for Nintendo, IMO.
Especially with all the news of them struggling to sell the units etc.

I think now’s a pretty good time to jump on board too. You’ve got a good amount of top notch games coming out for the system over the next 6-8 months. Wonderful 101 is just around the corner and the demo is actually pretty good. I wasn’t too keen on it when I first saw it but demos really do help. It’s a shame that developers/publishers/whoever don’t put out demos for more games.
Back to Wii U games though! You’ve got Wind Waker HD in October which while it’s not the Zelda game we’re waiting for, it’ll definitely be great to see how Zelda looks in HD.
You’ve also got Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World and Super Smash Bros. U coming soon to name a few.
So I’d say now’s a good time to get the console so that you’re more likely to have the extra cash for the games as they come out.

The big problem at the moment is that people are complaining that there aren’t any good games out for it. I strongly disagree. Sure, there’s not a whole lot of games out for it yet but there’s a fair few I’ve got my eyes on. I’m looking to get Tekken Tag 2, Lego City Undercover, Epic Mickey 2, Resident Evil Revelations and maybe Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed.
Already I’ve picked up a few games; Game & Wario, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land (as it didn’t come with the ZombiU bundle) and ZombiU.
Absolutely loving the games I have now.
I’ll not go into the games though as I want this post to be about my impressions on the Wii U itself.

The UI is pretty nice. It boots up with the Miiverse plaza on your TV and all your games and apps displayed on the gamepad in the same style as the 3DS. I like consistency.
It’s stupidly easy to navigate and use too. You’re not going to get the kids asking how to put a game on every 10 mins (that’s if you’re gonna let kids play on it, haha). If you do… DON’T STORE YOUR BANK DETAILS ON THE THING!
It’s probably TOO easy to use and you could end up with kids buying games off the new eShop but I think purchases may be password protected. That’s the way forward.

The only thing I don’t really like about it is how if you want to play Wii games on it, you have to run them through an emulator. It just feels weird but I guess I can see why they’ve done it. You can transfer all your Wii stuff over and with the UIs being so different (for starters, the controller used to navigate) you’d really have to have a Wii inside the Wii U. Almost like Wii-ception :O
It’s also a little lame how the gamepad can see you’ve got a Wii game inside and rather than just booting straight into the game from there, it acts as another Wii emulator app; booting that up first for you to then boot up the Wii disc from there.

OH! I just remembered, as I look to the gamepad for anything I’ve missed, the distance that you can use the gamepad away from the Wii U isn’t so great. Got my Wii U in my room, got to the top of the stairs, disconnected. There’s NO WAY I could sit on the toilet and play EarthBound. Unless I move the Wii U closer to my door…hmmm.

All in all though, I’m VERY happy with the console. The games I have – love em. Current games I’m wanting – there’s a few. Games coming soon that I want – easily another 5-10. Cost too much? High street prices, yes! If you really want a bargain, keep an eye out online. From the time I started looking for a Wii U to the time I actually bought one, there was a fair few times the prices went from £200-£245.

Also, I’m not at all sure that you NEED the 32gb… it’s always nice to have space though.


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