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Welcome! Thanks for visiting the site!

DebugStation is currently operated, managed and just all-around run by me, ‘Metallimaniac’.
My name is actually Mark and I looooooove Metallica. So about 5+ year ago I came up with the name. I might have heard the term ‘Metallimania’ and went from there… can’t TOTALLY remember.

The site name ‘DebugStation’ came from a quick brainstorm (or thoughtshower, if you find brainstorm offensive) of gaming terms to make this feel more like a website and not just a blog. I didn’t want to copy other sites TOO much; with the likes of Joystiq, Kotaku, Shoryuken etc.
My friend suggested ‘Limit Break’, which would have been sweet, but I didn’t want the title to be too game-specific. I searched the net for inspiration and stumbled across some images and info on Sony’s PlayStation Debugging Station. I liked the sound of it for the site and, as a huge PSone fan, I had to go for that.


Anyhoo, I’ve been gaming pretty much all my life. Born in ’87 and the 1st console I played was my older Brother’s Amstrad CPC. No idea what model it was, I just remember it being an Amstrad, playing tape cassettes for games, having an Atari-style controller and playing Batman on it. Very ’80s, lol.
From there, I got my own 1st console, the Sega Master System in around 1990-91. This was my pride and joy for a few years until my step brother gave me his old Mega Drive II with a few games. I got a few more for it, but literally only a few. The Mega Drive is definitely one of, if not, my favourite consoles of all time. I prefer the original Model I over the Model II, though. Just looks better.
Then in the mid ’90s, shit got real as the Sony PlayStation came out. I can’t remember when I got mine, probably around ’96, but I used to religiously stay at my friends house every Saturday night as he had one too and would always buy or rent new games. It was at his house that I first witnessed Final Fantasy VII, which is my favourite game of all time (with Streets of Rage 2 coming very close in 2nd place).
A few years passed, playing the Sega Saturn and N64 now and then along the way, and then came the PlayStation 2. I remember getting a PS2 for Christmas 2001 when the Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec bundle came out. I begged my Dad to let me ‘try it out’ before they put it away for xmas and he did when I was off school once. My mother and little brother were out the house at the time, lol.
I remember being blown away by the graphics and even thought the ‘home’ and ‘boot’ screens of the PS2 were amazing too. I was loyal to my PS2 for a good 7 year, having about 50 games at one point (not beating my immense 100+ PSone games, though), before the PS3 came out.
Again, when I set this up (buying it with my own money this time, so I didn’t have to wait) I was amazed at how nice everything looked. Now, the 1st time I set this up, I didn’t play any games as I had to go to work. I just set it up downstairs on an SDTV to get the internet and PSN settings sorted for me coming in later on. When I came back, I hooked it up to my HDTV in my bedroom with the HDMI cable and was amazed again at the graphics. I got Resistance and Genji with it and Resistance quickly became my favourite game at the time. When Resistance 2 was announced, me and my friend were dying for it to come out due to the amount of fun we had on the 1st game. When it finally came out, we weren’t disappointed. 60 players online, co-operative missions online, trophies…. We had fun with it. Just a shame there wasn’t a co-op campaign this time.

This is just a brief history of me and my consoles… There’s a lot more that I haven’t gone over and a present and a future to create.

– metallimaniac


6 comments on “About DebugStation

  1. Dude, just found your blog, your video game history reads very similar, good stuff! I found your site looking for a snes inlay as i just bought some stuff off ebay and it was missing!! You have saved my bacon, cheers bud!

    • Why thank you 🙂 I knew it’d be a good idea to share my Nintendo box techniques with the webs. This stuff makes my collection look a little bit better. Still a fair bit off from perfect tho.

  2. i enjoyed your street fighter maximus theme. good god, the music gets awesome at 33 seconds:). instant nostalgia.

  3. Man! I just found your blog by looking at the post about nintendo boxes… I must confess I feel really similar, about the post of HOW you collect games. Im just starting, I have played since I was 3 (im 22 now) and for some years I´ve been looking for more and more, and then I add New games or announcement to the collection. Well, Im glad im not the only one out there with this… passion for videogames, Congrats on your blog!

  4. hey is it possible to post more n64 complete scans for the cardridges or the originals? and do you have an example for the n64 original inlay?
    I hope you will write back, I have so much cardridges but not boxes

    greetings from germany

    • It takes up a bit too much of my time these days to create the full size print outs for these boxes. I’ve added some useful links to the ‘Nintendo Boxes’ page on here. Nintandbox is an amazing website which is being constantly updated. I used to use that (and the old npes site) for a lot of my boxes. The only difference is that the boxes must be printed out in sections. This is why I imported them into photoshop and pieced them back together to make them a bit more authentic.
      The inner trays are on that site too but unfortunately they dont have an N64 one. I just used a SNES one for my N64 games.

      Hope this helps.

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