Since the original PlayStation came out around ’96, I’ve stuck with them.

Sony are great at what they do, whether you’re talking about Playstation, TVs, Sound Systems, Cameras and PCs. Well…my Vaio laptop has seen better days but it’s still hanging on.

There’s not much I can say about PlayStation that hasn’t already been said. The game libraries for each of their consoles are great and dynamic. The original PlayStation is my favourite console ever, taking into account the design (both versions), amount of games I have fond memories of and enjoyability of collecting for. I have over 130 games for the PSone so far…haven’t got space to buy any more right now.

The PS2 was a major step up in graphics and game quality. I guess the quality just comes with the times though. Again, more great memories with the PS2. Quite a few of them involve getting drunk.

Then the PS3. Again, great graphics etc but I must say I’m glad to be rid of my original 60gb model. That thing died on me too many times to count. Got myself a nice, slim, 120gb model now and haven’t had any bother since 🙂



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