Metallimaniac’s 2011 Overview!

Well, with 2011 now over, I thought I’d just do a quick overview of how much my collection has changed in the last year. I’m really surprised at how much it’s grown in such a short time; I was pretty much out of work for the 1st 4 months of the year, leaving me with very little cash to spend on games.

I had to sell a fair few games at the start of the year to help pay bills etc. which is always a shame and something I try my hardest not to do. When I found myself a permanent job, I started spending as much as I could on games. It was more of a subconscious thing though, I didn’t WANT to spend all my money on games, it just happened. God help me when I find myself a FULL time job…

It looks as if my collection has doubled this year; having only one bookcase of games in January and now having 2, almost full, bookcases of games 🙂
This happened with the help of a few new systems; a Dreamcast, a Saturn and a 3DS. I also got myself a new PS3 which led me to begin building my ps3 collection back up. I think out of the new consoles, I’m most excited about the Dreamcast and my goal to get all 216/217 (still debating whether I want the one, France only, game) games. I’ve got 25 so far, so I’m almost an 8th of the way through 🙂
Saying that, the console I like the most out the new additions is my Zelda 3DS. It looks amazing. I just can’t stress how nice it looks. I love black, glossy consoles with coloured highlights. Black and gold go very nice with each other too.

I think my PSone collection has nearly doubled this year too. I DID have just over 100 at one point, but I think I could only find about 80 of them when I got them out of storage towards the end of last year. Now I have around 130 games which I am very pleased about. The PSone is definitely one of my favourite consoles; I just have so many good memories of it from back in the day and played (what I thought was) a lot of games for the console. I now realise that there are hundreds of games out on the PSone, but unfortunately, hundreds of them are shit.

I’ve also finally started to find cheap N64 and SNES games to bulk out my collection for those systems. It’s just a shame the majority of them don’t have their boxes. No worries though, I’ve started to restore these games by re-creating the boxes for these games, and not custom ones…I’m trying to get them as retail-accurate as possible to make them look more authentic on my shelves. I found a good place in town to get them printed too, and they’re not stupidly expensive to make.

Another aspect of my collection that has surfaced this year is my collection of store displays. They’re mainly Zelda ones but I’ve also got a little Pokémon one advertising Victini and also a big box advertising Michael Jackson: The Experience. There’s more I want to get and display when I get my own place. Can’t do that ’til I get this full-time job though 😦 lol.

I don’t want to just ramble on all day, so I’ll leave you now with some pics of my collection as it is now in it’s full glory 🙂


2 comments on “Metallimaniac’s 2011 Overview!

  1. Awesome header! You make that yourself?
    So jealous of the Zelda 3DS, I’ve written a post about it for my blog that’ll be up in the next few days.
    Wish I managed to nap one of those Victini stands too! You got a pretty good haul last year, hopefully this year its even better!

    • Yeah, just slammed it together in photoshop 🙂 Found the bg on google tho.
      Been a great year like 🙂 Gonna update it with pics once I get back home. Get a good selection of the shiz I’ve got over the last year.

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