My Lightgun Collection! (and a Top 5)

I wanted to do this for months but couldn’t find the right way to do it. All done now though 🙂 I love my lightguns!


NERG: A Blast From The Past

This past weekend (29-30 June 2013) was an absolute blast!
A new retro gaming event took place at Gateshead Stadium under the name of North East Retro Gaming, or NERG for short.

It’s a shame that arcades are dying out but this is the purpose of the event, to bring back the classic 80s/90s arcade for the weekend. For me, the greatest thing about the event wasn’t necessarily the sheer amount of selection of Consoles, Arcade and Pinball machines; it was the ambience. It just sounded like an Old Skool arcade with the sounds of the mass of video game machines blaring in the background, unable to distinguish any one machine amongst the sounds of the hundreds of people that were most likely, like me, in a relapse with memories of their favourite arcades from back in the day.
For me it was a mixture of Spanish City and Metroland, 2 amazing amusements that are now, sadly, long gone.

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