Vewlix Cabinet Build

A ‘Vewlix’ cabinet is an arcade machine that’s used primarily in Japan. It’s more popularly known as the ‘Street Fighter IV Arcade Cabinet’ and by God, is it beautiful?

That was a rhetorical question btw, it is VERY beautiful.

A dedicated Vewlix cabinet for Street Fighter IV (which can also be upgraded to play the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition board) can sell for around £1000… I’m not even sure if that includes the game.
So when buying something like this is pretty much out of the question, people usually take it upon themselves to build their own from the ground up. There are some amazing builds out there too (most of which have videos on YouTube) and I want one too!

Now, there’s not a lot of room in the house I’m living in at the moment, so I probably couldn’t build one here. Saying that, if I got rid of my desk (which I don’t really want to do) I could fit one in my room.
I think the best option for me is to wait until I get a full time job (which I’m going to need to fund this project anyway), move out and then buy all the bits and pieces that I need. This includes buttons, wood, tools and maybe even a new HDTV to fit the design plans properly.
Speaking of the design plans, I found a great website that has all the info and plans on that I need to build this cabinet, so that’s a big help.

Oh, I almost left out an important bit of info that you’re probably going to want to know. This cabinet is going to be powered by a PlayStation 3. Some people use Xbox 360’s but I wanna go PS3 for mine. Going to get myself a bunch of different fighting and arcade-friendly games for my PS3 to get a real ‘arcade feel’ out of this project.
I’m also going to host fighting tournaments at my flat once this is all done, lol.

I’ll stop rambling for now as I’ll not have anything more to blog about on this subject. Anything I do blog about will have a link below.

14/07/11 – Vinyl pricing 🙂
27/01/11 – 2 SFIV Sticks will just be too expensive…
29/01/11 – Some useful Vewlix info


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