It’s sad that Sega no longer make consoles, they used to be so good at it.

The Master System was my first console. I still have my original one along with my original games (few missing tho…). TONS of great games on that thing even though I’m not a massive fan of 8-bit.
One of my friends also had a Master System but he had a lot more games than me. I’d end up at his a lot after school and we’d sit for a few hours playing on the Master System before sneaking into his brother’s room to play on his Mega Drive.

I couldn’t keep off my Mega Drive when I got one for myself. I’d play Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Streets of Rage 2 religiously every day. I still have my original console and games and the pins are all burnt out on UMK3. Still works though (…barely).

Then Sony came along and ruined them… Sega just couldn’t keep up. Mind you, I switched to Sony when the PlayStation came out; so many great games on that system.
I didn’t play much of the Saturn and never knew anyone with a Dreamcast. I’ve only just recently bought myself a Saturn and Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast is a great console. It’s a shame it didn’t do better. There’s still a small number of people out there making homebrew games for the system. Great quality games too.


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