Nintendo Boxes Project

One problem for me with my collection is that some of the older Nintendo games had cardboard boxes that easily got ruined and then binned back in the day. I’ve got a fair few unboxed games now that I’d love to put back into boxes.

I’ve been over The Cover Project to find some printable boxes… Didn’t have much luck. I did, however, find a link to a couple of French sites with some boxes on for you to print out. I managed to find just a couple of the ones I need and even some of those were in French or were the US boxes… I need the UK PAL ones.

My idea; take their templates (which are pretty good) and create my own boxes from them. So far I’ve managed to piece together boxes for Super Mario Kart and Super Mario All-Stars for SNES (already there in UK PAL glory) and translated the box for Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I took the shape of that Game Boy box and created (from scratch) a pretty good Alleyway box (in my opinion).

I got the GB boxes for Tetris (which was american), Megaman (which needs a LOT of cosmetic repair) and the Game Boy Camera (which is unfortunately German, but I could be ok with that). There’s a few more boxes that I really want for my GB collection; Mario & Yoshi, Double Dragon 3 and  Zelda DX. I also have unboxed copies of Tennis, Track Meet & THPS2 which I’m not too fussed about right now.

Moving on to the SNES… I have already mentioned that I have found boxes for Super Mario Kart and Super Mario All-Stars but I have a few other games that could do with boxes. I also have Super Metroid (which I have also found the box art for), Killer Instinct (which I just CAN NOT get working), Urban Strike, Flashback and a couple of others which I would ideally like to be boxed.

Finally, my N64 collection. I only have 2 games at the moment for this system and one is already boxed so I really only need to find a box for Mortal Kombat 4. The box art IS on that site, but it’s German and I’m not too sure how much of it I can use. I CAN, however, use it as a PAL template as I now know what the PAL box art is supposed to look like.

Maybe you’re thinking “that’s great about replacing the cardboard boxes but what about the cardboard trays?”. Fear not! That site ALSO has printable templates for the tray inserts! For GB, SNES and N64! Even the Game Boy Camera!

I’ll post a pic or 2 here of what I’ll be printing… pretty snazzy if I say so myself.

You can look at and download the boxes I’ve done so far at my Box account (link below). There’s a .pdf template for Super Mario All Stars, which can be opened in Photoshop, and can also be used as dimensions for N64 boxes. Comment here if there are any other templates you’d like. I’ll see what I can do.
– metallimaniac

Nintendo Box Project Update: 1st Attempt
Nintendo Box List
UPDATE: Printing Details

My files
Box Scans etc. (Site in French)
The Cover Project


30 comments on “Nintendo Boxes Project

    • I’ve updated this with external links. The site for the inserts is the french site. You need to register to be able to download stuff (and register again for the other site which has N64 inserts etc). Use Google Translate if you find it tough to register

      • Yup 🙂 Like a glove…

        Oh, and I had to get them printed onto A3 to keep them all one piece of card like the originals. The files don’t need resized or anything either. All done for ya 🙂

      • Thanks, lol. That’s the main reason I showcased this project here; can’t find anyone else doing it. You’ve got your places like The Cover Project that do this kind of thing, but not retail replicas.
        I had a tough time finding an A3 printers where I live and then trial and error finding the right thickness and texture on the card. My printouts seem to be the same size as official boxes, it’s just there’s a few photoshop errors on the Mario Kart box. All fixed now, so that’s ready to get printed.
        Good luck with your boxes. Post a pic or two of your results if you like. I think it’d be nice to see and good for other people reading this.

        The only other website I’m really involved in is YouTube. Not much goes on, but that might change at some point

  1. Yeah, you need to register before you can download. Shame it’s in French. And yeah, the boxes come in halves which is why i’m fixing that with the boxes I need and uploading my own to my account. I dno what the American equivalent of A3 but it’s twice the size of our regular paper. I THINK that’s similar to U.S legal paper

  2. What an awesome site. I’ve been looking for DIY sites that do the reboxing, not just the cover slips that you put in the hard plastic cases. Any chance of putting up a video showing the steps you took?

    • Yeah, I guess I could 🙂 I’ll probs get a couple more boxes printed this weekend and I’ll use them to show in the video. There’s not a whole lot to it, but I guess a vid could help some people.

  3. This is great! You’ve inspired me to make up some of my own boxes (using your designs as templates.) It’s amazing how hard it is to find any good resources on the internet.
    So I went to the french site, looking for the templates for the inserts. It looks like they’ve been having some trouble with spammers there so they’re not letting any new members register- which means I can’t download the templates! I’ve not been able to find them anywhere else. Any chance you could help me out here?

  4. Hi Mark !!
    Thanks a lot for… all !! It’s amazing all that you have done with the videogame’s covers, I have been looking for these things for a long time. Thanks one more time.

    Rick (From Spain)

  5. metallimaniac: do you have any idea where I can find US versions of n64 covers? NTSC? I see them on ebay for sale for a high price… and i wonder how these people got a hold of them? Do you know any site like oldiescovers (theyre PAL though)

    • I don’t know any other like oldiescovers but The Cover Project is a good start. They have mainly US artwork but you’d have to chop it up a little and put it back onto a template. I’ve had to do this for a couple of boxes when the artwork wasn’t on oldiescovers

    • I’m sure I put one on my account. Not sure though. I’ll have a dig about and upload one. Gonna move the site about a bit too, so keep checking soon for an easier link to Nintendo Box stuff.

  6. My brother recommended I would possibly like this web site. He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!|

  7. Can you advise who in the uk did the printing onto card? i’m looking to update my snes/nes collection the same way (just need a little bit of advise).

    • I went to a company called Photoline. I think they only have the one branch in the uk so you will need to find a local printers. Places that do business cards etc should be able to help ya.

  8. hi there by chance do you have a scanned or made template for the snes large box inner trays like the big box inner tray that earthbound came in?? also do you have a template of the inner part of the n64 boxes like majora’s mask you know when you ipen the box and look inside and see that cardboard thing if you have a template for any of these things or know where i can find some please let me know asap thanx and have a great day.

  9. Hi can you help me please. I have registered for the nintandbox site then it gave me the email to activate my accout but when i click the link in the email it says error

  10. Hi im wondering if anyone could help me out i signed up for the nintandbox website i received the activation email but when i click the activation link i get an error

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