PICKUPS: August 2012

August 2012 pickups
Wasn’t too much of a bad month this month, I got quite a few Dreamcast games to boost up the collection.
I bought the first 3 items off my good mate Gareth (aka Spritesnbytes). I also picked up a Kinect with the Michael Jackson game… played it once haha. It’s good, I just don’t have time to play it properly at the moment 😦
As for the rest, they’re just the usual bargains found around charity shops. Nothing amazing this month, but it was nice getting about 10 Dreamcast games in one month.

Manx SuperBike TT (Saturn) – £2
Ready 2 Rumble 2 (Dreamcast) – £2
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (Dreamcast) – £3
UFC (Dreamcast) – £3
Kinect (Xbox 360) – £45
Michael Jackson: The Experience (Xbox 360) – £6
Nyko Zoom for Kinect (Xbox 360) – £18
Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (PS3) – £13
Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) – £4
Game Boy Gallery (Game Boy) – £2
Kirby (Game Boy) – £1
Ghostbusters 2 (Game Boy) – £1
Bangai-o (Dreamcast) – £9.43
Fighting Force 2 (Dreamcast) – £2.52
Hidden & Dangerous (Dreamcast) – £3.98
Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) – £4.93
Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast) – £20
Aero Wings (Dreamcast) – £2.70


UPDATE: Mega busy now :(

Hey! just wanted to let you know I’m still here!

I haven’t been buying THAT much stuff, but I do have a pile of pickups to show in a vid sometime. I might go back to the ol’ pics and list format since it’s a lot more convenient for me right now.

To be honest, I got addicted to Minecraft… lol. Started playing loads on the xbox, then bought it for my Mac, installed Tekkit, bought a server… there’s no stopping it, maybe I need help.
Not a total waste of time though; I’ve started a new youtube channel and have begun uploading vids from my Tekkit adventures.
I’m thinking of expanding to other games when I have more time on my hands again in December.

I’m working loads now due to staff taking holidays. Doing 40 hour weeks for the next 5 weeks 🙂 Christmas is gonna be fun 🙂

Even though I’m working more, I’m trying to cut back on my spending (hence the slight lack of pickups). Bought a few Dreamcast games though. On 56 or something now 🙂
That’s another vid I need to get done too; the ‘1st Milestone: 50 Dreamcast Games’ vid.

So yeah, I’ll try find time tomorrow to update this site a bit 🙂

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