Back in the early to mid 90s, when Nintendo clearly dominated the gaming industry, I had Segas but a few friends of mine had Nintendos. I got into Nintendos a lot more around ’94 when the SNES was out. A friend of mine had one and I’d try my best to stay at his every weekend ‘cus he used to rent different games every week from Blockbuster.
Some of my favourites for the system were The Mask, Donkey Kong Country, Aladdin, Mortal Kombat II, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World.

I didn’t see much of the Nintendo 64. I didn’t know anyone with one until I got towards the end of High School. I had a few short shots of Goldeneye, South Park and Pokémon Snap but didn’t really get the chance for it to wow me. I was well into my PSone at this point anyway.

The first Nintendo home console I owned was a Gamecube. It was mainly used when friends came over so I never really got into it much. Even today I only have 14 games for it. I think the main thing that drew me to buying one was the Game Boy Player.

On that note, we jump back a fair few years to around ’94. The friend who’s house I stayed at regularly sold me my first Game Boy for about £20. He never used it and had just gotten a Virtual Boy. I think I took the better console 😛
The Game Boy eventually led me into the world of Pokémon which I have always loved. The animé puts the name to shame most of the time but the games (especially the original 3) are amazing. Such an original system and keeps you entertained (literally) for hours on end.

Nintendo sure know how to make a handheld.


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