Maximus Arcade Themes

Maximus Arcade is a great frontend for multiple emulators. If you’re into emulation and have tons of different folders everywhere for all your games, I suggest giving this a try.

It’s quite simple to edit and create themes for. I’ve made a few myself and posted videos on my YouTube channel.
Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

‘Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix’ Theme

Download Link

‘Box Art Singleshot’ Theme

Download Link (has since been updated and looks slightly different to the video)

‘Wii Channel’ Theme

I started working on a new theme that resembles the Wii menus. This was a good concept but I found it to be tricky and tiring to do all the image and theme editing. I lost interest in Maximus Arcade after I bought my Xbox and installed MAME on that instead. No more waiting 5-10 minutes for my Windows laptop to boot up just to play a few quick games.


– metallimaniac


2 comments on “Maximus Arcade Themes

  1. sir nice work your the man! metallimaniac can you do me a favor? please teach me how to make a box art for batch file so I can see my game cover on the screen please!..

  2. I’d have to boot up my PC sometime to check this out, but I think it’s pretty simple from what I remember.
    I think you just need to take the dimensions of one of your screenshots for another emulator and paste your box art onto that image using MSpaint or Photoshop (or something similar).
    Save it as a new .jpeg or .png such as ‘doom.png’ if you have ‘doom.exe’. Then add it to a folder titled ‘Batch File Box Art’ or something and set that as the destination for your screenshots in Maximus Arcade.
    Like I say, I’ll have to double check but I think it’s as simple as that

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