Pokémon Jirachi: Eye Of Power

Back in August 2009, I briefly got interested in the Pokémon hacking community over at Pokécommunity. Basically what this is, is people hacking the GBA Pokémon games (mainly FireRed as it is the most stable game to hack) into their own version/take on the Pokémon phenomenon.

Of course, I HAD to try this out. I got quite into it too; changing up the title screen, importing new sprites, map editing, writing complex scripts for a beginner like myself. It was pretty fun til I hit ‘scripter’s block’ and gave up.

I made a little website and a showcase thread on Pokécommunity too. I didn’t get quite as far as to releasing my first beta. I almost got there, though. I was just one more city and gym leader away from where I wanted to release my first demo (if I remember correctly).

I attempted to go back to this but gave up again quickly. There’s a fair bit I still needed to learn to overcome the bugs that were generating in my game. I managed to expand the sprite number, which was pretty good for a beginner :). This allowed me to add extra overworld sprites of Pokémon, allowing me to create more legendary Pokémon event battles.

Made a few videos for my YouTube channel too.

and here’s a super early vid of my first Pokémon hacking, before it became Pokémon Jirachi: Eye Of Power


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